Polco Medical


You enjoy a full and active life. At some point, age or other events seem to slow you down somewhat; walking becomes more difficult. If movement impediments are affecting you, we are the right company for you! No two individuals are alike - and there is nobody like you.

We at Polco have been afforded the privilege to help thousands of people improve their quality of life by offering the mechanical means to get around faster and safer, with greater comfort, without unnecessary pains and are often successful in avoiding deterioration or personal accidents. As we understand your feelings, your discomforts, the difficulty to explain to others what you really feel, our team members will visit you at your familiar surroundings - home, nursing home, senior citizens home or wherever you live.


  • Akces-Med
  • Caremax
  • Chison
  • Dupont
  • Etac
  • Huka
  • Meyland Smith
  • Premis
  • Rollz Motion
  • Schuchmann
  • Thomashilfen
  • Topro
  • XXL Rehab